Will You Marry Me?

Wedding ideas
Many couples get engaged over Valentines’ Day. It makes so much sense since it’s a day to celebrate love, express your truest feelings and really let someone know how much you care. My team and I created the rings above as inspiration for those looking to propose to their honey babies.

You could make something similar to deliver to your sweetie, stick the engagement ring box into the large gift box and include a handwritten card that says, “Will you marry me?” If you really plan well, you could even schedule it so that you “magically” show up after the gift is delivered to hear the answer to your question in person.

Behind the scenes picture of me creating the rings above.

Now, tell me all about how you got engaged. Please share how he or she (or you!) popped the question and what the reaction was. In addition, I shared my bling with you above, share yours with me on my Facebook page. Give me all the juicy details!

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  • Shirley Cheng

    The whole engagement is like a dream to me and I still question whether it’s true. Roger really surprised me big time for once!

    A while ago, I accompanied Roger to look for an engagement ring with his cousin, which gave me an idea: wouldn’t it be special to design my own ring to be used when the time is right? When I was done with the “masterpiece,” I provided Roger the drawing, which I named “Infinite Flow of Love”. The design consists of two curve lines which represent Roger and my life paths. Each curve line shows high and low points of our life but once the lines intersect, then it creates infinitive flow of love like water in the ocean. With love, we are hopefully to solve all the problems in the future.

    Roger tried to keep the proposal secretive. However, because of technical issues (my drawing did not reflect how thin the band I wanted), I had to be involved the design process. After several iterations of changes, I was naturally anxious to see the final product. However, Roger kept coming up with excuses as to why it was delayed to the point that I didn’t think he would get the ring in time for our trip to Europe .

    On 8/31/06, the second day in Czech Republic, Roger suggested to visit a castle from the 13th century, Hrad Cesky Sternberk, which is one hour away from Prague. Initially, I did not want to go because of distance but he convinced me by telling me there it would be a great shopping experience (Yes, I am a shopaholic). The driver picked us up from our hotel to the castle at 5:15 PM. The castle is on top of mountain, the landscape was pictorial. As I arrived at the castle, I realized that he rented out the whole castle for the private tour. We started the tour in the main dining hall and walked in a circular pattern with the tour guide explained to us the history of each room. At the end, we stepped back into the main hall and this time there was a table at the middle of the hall. On the table sat a dozen white roses, a champagne bottle, and a rectangular box wrapped in plastic. I was naturally curious and I thought that it might be a complimentary gift from the tour guide. Roger asked me to see what’s inside and when I opened it, there were two Bohemian champagne glasses engraved with our initials. After that, he kneeled down and slipped the ring onto my finger. I was so surprised that I didn’t know what to think. I just found myself with tears streaming down my cheek.

    I thought that would be the end of it – we would then drive back to Prague and just have dinner somewhere. But he had a different gameplan. We then drove to Kutna Hora – second most important city in Czech Republic in the medieval times but now known as a tourist attraction known primarily for its historical value. There, the car parked by the St. Barbara’s Cathedral and in front of the building was a horse carriage awaiting our arrival. We then boarded the carriage, which took us around the ancient town. The tour of old historical buildings and sculptures under stars and moon was very romantic. Although the weather was a bit chilly at night, my heart was very warm. After the ride, the carriage took us to a restaurant where he reserved a private section.

    Notably, the private table was decorated with a white orchid centerpiece (my favorite flowers) and other floral arrangements. With the accompaniment of my favorite music, it was a romantic candle-lit dinner that I will never forget.

  • Melody

    My daughter got engaged on Sunday (Valentines Day 2010). He took her to a local waterfall, built a fire, sprinkled rose petals around and asked her to marry him in French. Of course she said “Yes!”
    Looking forward to helping her plan her wedding and reception with a “Rustic Elegance” theme. The reception will be in a restored loft in downtown.
    You truly are an inspiration! Keep up the good work!