What’s In or Out? The Seasons

Last week’s In or Out was a toss-up–there was no clear winner. The preference for band or DJ falls to each person’s taste and in some cases one will use a band/DJ combination. I do, however, think this is probably not the case in all parts of the world, especially as one commenter from South Africa pointed out.

Eve said, “This is SO interesting because in South Africa the standard practice of having a DJ is getting old and the new trend of having a band is emerging with force and most brides now want a band. The fees associated are higher, of course, but the levels of quality and entertainment are obviously much greater. Some of the clients have both–the band for the post-ceremony drinks and the DJ for the post dinner celebration.”

For this week’s topic, let’s talk about seasons. Which season is IN or OUT for weddings?



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  • http://tam-sam.com t

    Winter! Unless it is a New Year’s Eve wedding.

  • http://outofthegarden.com Valerie McGiboney

    Summer!! It gets very hot in Texas in July and August—not the perfect weather to keep flowers looking their best – or the bride for that matter. :)

  • http://www.blog.splendidaffairs.co.za Eve

    Truly humbled to be quoted on your blog Mr Bailey – THANK YOU!

    Each season has its own beauty, and different couples associate their style to a season, or maybe even special memories. Winter is the the least popular choice on our side of the world, with Spring being the most popular.

  • http://www.youruniqueevent.com Martine

    Since I am in Canada, Spring and Summer are definitely the most popoular choices for us.

  • http://www.honeybeeandmeblog.com MELISSA


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  • http://gardenmad.wordpress.com/ Lynne

    For me, the season that’s out is the season that’s not in! In other words, don’t have winter flowers in summer, or spring flowers in fall. (Or a summer dress in winter). Each season has attributes that make it special. Work with those attributes, and your wedding will always be in style!

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Adeline Jean

    Another type of entertainment that bride and grooms should consider for their wedding is samba dancers and even fire and hula dancers. These types of entertainment provides music and is interactive for the guest to be apart of the wedding.