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<p style=”text-align: center;”No, this isn’t an Apple commercial…Here’s me in my office with all my important gadgets: iPad, Macbook and iPhone (and lunch!).

I have a secret to admit: I am obsessed with my blog comments. I remember when I first started blogging in 2007, and we were still on the old blogspot blog, I used to have my comments turned off. Why? For no reason, really, other than we thought blog comments weren’t that important.

Let me tell you right now… I was so wrong. When we turned commenting “on” in 2009, and I started getting real, honest feedback and questions from you my blog readers, the experience became so much richer. This really could have been filed under Common Mistakes as “Not understanding the importance of comments.”

I know this may be obvious advice to some of you blogging veterans out there, but it was a real epiphany for me. When you turn on blog comments, you instantly begin a conversation. Instead of a one-sided story telling technique, you open up a back and forth forum for the world to communicate with you.

I read every single comment you leave on my blog, and though I don’t respond to each one directly, I do sometimes write blog posts in response to comments or questions you’ve left. Many of your comments are very inspiring to me, and give me a lot of material and thought for writing the next entry. I also luck out by getting amazing recommendations, whether it’s for books, vendors or even types of junk food.

So, you’re probably thinking that’s all fine and great, but how does one encourage people to leave comments on his or her blog? Well, here are some things I’ve found:

  • Ask a question. At the end of each post, I generally ask a question or series of questions related to the post. This does two things. It offers an invitaiton for the reader to come and join the conversation, and it also gives me as the writer the opportunity to switch sides and listen to your thoughts on the subject.
  • Focus on your audience. Yes, this is another one of those obvious pieces of advice, but you don’t know how many times I’ve gone to a favorite blog and seen a subject that’s completely irrelevant to its audience. Since blogging is so easy and addictive, it makes sense that you may end up wanting to blog about anything and everything that comes to mind. Don’t. Just like being a good designer and not over designing, you want to make sure the content on your blog is focused and relevant to the folks reading it. This isn’t to say that your voice or content can’t evolve, but we’ll write about that more in a different blog post.
  • Extend the conversation. You may have noticed that I post my blog posts on our Facebook page as well as my Twitter account. Why do I do this? Because I know that conversations are happening on different platforms across the web. Some folks may not have time or even want to come to my site just to see if there’s an update on my blog. If I update everyone across all those platforms, it invites more people to the conversation. A word of caution, though: Do not abuse these communities. Facebook and Twitter each function in different ways and if you only use each platform for self-promotion, you are cheating both the audience and yourself of all the amazing capabilities that come with both worlds.

Of course, some folks just love reading blogs and don’t feel compelled to comment, and that’s okay. There are a lot of ways to judge your blog’s success, and it doesn’t end with just blog comments. Next week, we’ll discuss site analytics and how you can use those numbers to help you come up with more compelling content for your blog.

Now, for all those folks out there who always read my blog but don’t ever comment, I want to hear from you! Who are you and how did you find my blog? Also, if you have a blog of your own, I want you to post it here. I’d love to start reading it.

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  • Iván Meade

    Excellent advice! Thanks Preston

  • Sharon Alexander

    Thank you! It is hard to get them to comment on the blog rather than on the FB page or on Twitter.

  • Bisi Bordley

    What do you think of my blog?
    Please leave a comment, lol.

  • Aleah + Nick

    We love your blog and do comment from time to time!

    It it key to leave opportunity for an open conversation with readers. Asking questions like “how do you use dahlias in your celebrations?” or “what is your favorite element of this real wedding?” enable us to gauge what our readers {fellow industry folks, brides, grooms…} like. A few days ago we posted a fabulous Parisian-inspired wedding and the comments poured in. It was so unique and we learned that our readers like that. They like seeing fresh + new ideas and looks, separate from a lot of inspiration out there.

    Now we’re curious as to what your daily blog reads are!
    Aleah + Nick Valley
    The Good Life Special Events – our daily {and newly redesigned} blog

  • Ahmed Elkaswani

    Hi Preston, I love your posts! I find them inspirational and educational! In this business, I believe its good to share ideas and recommendatons. I met you at Engage 09 at the Ritz Carlton in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. I am an event planner, I worked for Joanne Brown of Celebrations. Since then I started the blogging trend and been following a number of amazing and talented individuals and companies. I would love for you to follow me on Twitter and my own Facebook page!
    Chat soon

  • Alison Z.

    Hi Preston! This is a great post. I am 23 years old and have recently started my own event planning company. I found your blog through a retweet a couple months ago (I had no idea you blogged!) and have been reading ever since. Your posts are always so insightful and heartfelt – thank you for imparting your knowledge and experience to all of us. Blogging is so very important – I’m glad you mentioned the point about “focusing on your audience” — I try to relate seemingly non-wedding things on my blog back to weddings (whether I’m talking about clothes, skincare, etc etc) so that my blog isn’t all about flowers, wedding photos, gowns, etc :)

  • Olga Goddard

    Hi Preston! I love your blog and visit/read it at least once per week. Thanks a lot for your advice and sharing your experience!
    You are very welcome to visit my blog and leave a comment! Would love to hear from you! :)
    Have a beautimatastic day!

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  • Jennifer

    Great advice. It’s always a pleasure to stop by your blog. I worry over my blog too much. mainly because I do wonder what people really think! Stop by sometime.

    Jen @ Fiddle Dee Dee

  • Addie “AJ” Akhionbare

    Ok, I am a blog stalker, a Preston Bailey website stalker, however I am truly harmless. LOL. Preston, I came upon your work 6 years ago when I was planning my wedding. My friend on another continent; Africa – West Africa, to be exact, told me about you. She is an event designer/decor specialist over there and while discussing my “vision” with her, she said “Sounds like a Preston Bailey event” of course I’m like who is that? And that was it. I have followed your website and work since then and I am so glad to see that both the website and blog have gotten a major facelift.

    Thank you for always sharing, it’s very hard in the event industry to find people, especially veterans who want to share ways to be successful. I appreciate your honesty and the tips you give us “the up and coming” are Ah!mazing. Because sometimes I feel like the situations I go through with my clients are my fault and maybe I am just not doing enough etc and then when I read your blog, I am like wow!!! So even Preston Bailey goes through this.

    Well again I say thank you and yes here is my blog:
    Please feel free to let me know what you think.


  • Brenda

    As always, thank you Preston for sharing your wonderful insights with the world. I have just started blogging, and I’m attempting to mix honest heartfelt blogs with information pertinent to brides and other clients (as well as some samples of my work as well!) I found you Preston, as well as many other wonderful people in this industry, through their blogs, and the one thing I’ve learned is to make it beautiful (“it” being whatever you happen to be creating at any moment). I think I will work on making my blog more beautiful right now!

  • Lindsey

    Whew! I’m Lindsey, idealist, floral designer and hopeful new business owner.
    Invaluable advice. I’m currently trying to find my blog’s voice- there’s so much I’d love to include. I know editing is key, but it helps to have YOU spell it out :) Give us a visit- I’d love your feedback!

  • Camelia Minisan

    Great attitude Preston! I always say that one has true (social) value the minute he/she starts sharing his/her knowledge (and pass it on). Thank you for sharing your experience with us and thank you for inspiring me!
    If you ever e-visit Romania (Europe), you are most welcomed on my new blog:

  • DelightfulDiva

    Hi Preston! I am T. Nicole and I found your blog through Twitter. Someone RT something you said and I was like, “Oh My Gaude…Preston Bailey is on Twitter!” So, here I am soaking it all in. I absolutely heart your blog and look forward to more great posts. Have a lovely day!

  • Kristy

    Hi Preston! I rarely comment on blogs but this posting will draw me out of my shell. Thank you for the valuable information you share with us daily in all of your postings! I’m a venue coordinator at a winery in Northern California and will be launching my own event planning business by the end of the year. My blog isn’t ready yet, but I will be sure to share it with you once it is! Again, many thanks!!

  • Melissa

    Hi Preston! Love your work and read your blog often! I would love some feed back on our blog.

    Thank you for your experience and advice – you are a true professional!

  • Erwin

    Why do you need your iPhone, iPad and Computer at the same time? You can web browse on your computer and you have a phone in your hand.

  • Carine Krawiec

    I love your blog but I have never commented…
    Don’t really know why I never have?
    I own a bridal boutique in Washington DC called “Carine’s Bridal Atelier”
    my blog site is…love some feedback…
    Your blog is actuallly on the side panel of my blog under “Favorite Blogs”
    Look forward to hearing back from you…
    All My Best,

  • Flora
  • http://Donothaveatthemoment Anastasia

    Dear Mr Bailey,

    I am an aspiring event designer and I found about you through another blog 3 months ago. I live in Cyprus and I am obsessed about your work. I never commented on your blog but this post made me do it. When I visited your website for the first time I showed it to my fiance, friends, family and I said ”this can’t be happening somewhere in this world” but actually it is. After that I immediately bought all of your books and I am reading your blog every day ever since. (Your book Celebrations is always on my coffee table). I couldn’t believe is even possible to create transformations the way you do before seeing your work. Your work is spectacular but I admire you even more not because you are great at what you do, but because you share your knowledge, experience and motivation with all of us. I really really thank you about that! I am getting married in 2011 and you gave me lots of inspiration. I dream one day to be present at one of your events because it is an once in a lifetime experience. Thank you again for all the inspiring blog posts. Looking forward for your tomorrow’s post:)

  • Andrea @ Superfine Bakery

    You got it, Preston! I discovered you via a quote re-tweeted by one of your followers. It touched me, so I decided to dig around and learn more about what you had to say. Now I follow you on FB and love what I read. As a Los Angeles-based wedding cake and confection maker, I value your insight into business management and am constantly inspired by how you encourage and lift others up. How you value mentoring and nurturing when so many others value competition — sometimes to a nasty degree. Thank you for all of it!

  • Andrea @ Superfine Bakery

    Oops! Forgot to post my blog: Thanks, Preston!

  • Bette

    Comments relay a feeling of knowing where people are coming from. Building conversations/blogs/comments connects us which is where we all are spiritually/universally.
    I blog, twitter, design, comment and enjoy everything about it. I wondered about comments too. I have you on my blog roll.

  • Arturo

    I come to your blog every single day to see the details of your latest weddings/events and your creations.I see something cool, and new and it gets me thinking for the rest of the day. I dont miss it. I have my small little blog and I would like if you can take a few moments of your most valuable time to take a look at my blog.

    My blog is
    Thank you for all the crazy transformations and mind blowing work.

  • Deborah Dixon

    Hi Preston…Not sure if you remember me, but I was in your first Bailey & Blum Mentoring Weekend and I have been following your work for years. I love your blog; because you are incredibly talented, open, honest, and willing to share your knowledge (event industry & life!). You speak in such an inspiring way. I read your blogs Everyday and sometimes More…lol! It is truly a tremendous gift to read it. Normally I do not post; because I’ve always thought Preston is so busy I am sure he doesn’t have the time to read comments. After reading your post today I thought I have to let you know how much I value your time and what you put into your blog. There are so many things I find helpful, but I will narrow it down to a few.
    •I’ve always created to do list, but when you started posting your to do list I re-formatted my own and it has increased my productivity enormously. As a new business owner the organization has been priceless
    •Your posting regarding the Universe being generous was definitely one of my favorites; because I too believe the Universe is generous.
    •I find it so amazingly encouraging, when you talk about how you started and some of the valuable lesson you’ve learned over the years. I can definitely identify with you when you talk about some of the thoughts you’ve had in the past and/or still do have. I look at what you’ve been able to accomplish and I am so motivated to go after my dreams!
    •One of the most surprising things your blog has given me is confidence. Confidence to be creative and try new things. I will send you my blog link as soon as it is ready. Until tomorrow!
    Thanks Preston!!!

  • Luxe Fete Event Planning and Design Studio

    I love your blog Preston. I love your work. I love your spirit. My name is Nathalie Cadet-James and I am an event planner and designer in Miami. My blog is Take a look. Leave a comment (smile).

  • Gloria Brown

    Preston – I read your blog everyday (even on vacations) and I have your blog as an icon on my laptop desktop for easy access. I rarely leave a comment because I didn’t think my comments mattered. I promise I will comment more often. I actually read two blogs daily …. Martha Stewart is my other fave! And both you and Martha have excellent taste in shoes!….LOL I don’t own many shoes but I love seeing the shoes on famous people.
    Thanks so much for sharing your time in this blog! You seem to manage your time very well especially to include time for your blog.
    I would like to request that if you have any tidbits to share about your own wedding plans that you please remember to share with your bloggers.
    Today’s post was my all-time favorite.

  • Jenny Yi

    I, too, agree with the comments above about leaving comments because I thought that it wouldn’t matter and even felt a bit intimidated to write a comment on “Preston Bailey’s” blog but thank you for this post! It’s really great to know that your idol is so down to earth.

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  • Leigh Taylor

    Our blog is would love to know what you think! We have not been that focused on comments either but starting to become more interested in the involvement of our followers at SugarLove!! Love reading your posts!!

  • Jenny Yi

    Oh and my blog is it’s about my journey in Korea and of what keeps me inspired, really just finding out who I am in this world through the various experiences and people that come into my life. I’d be honored to have you follow my blog :)

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  • Lisa Schneider

    I am a huge fan of both your blog and your design work. You provide a tremendous amount of inspiration for my blog Favorite Things –

  • Kate

    Hi Preston, I believe I found a link to your blog on another blog (I can’t remember which one). I look forward to your posts every day.

    I work in the floral industry; I’m an “online marketing counselor” to local flower shops all over the country. Your blog is insightful and interesting, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and advice with others in the industry!

    I started a blog for fun a few months ago, I would be honored if you could stop by.

  • Emily McCollum

    Thanks for the great advice. As an event planner and fellow blogger I appreciate and respect the things you do and say. We try to balance as many tasks as possible, and when we get around to blogging, comments make our day so much brighter.

  • Anne

    I read your blog everday and have reviewed all older posts (I even have you as a link on my website) I searched for your website looking for design and floral inspiration (for sugar flowers) and found your blog. I want to thank you for the weath of information, inspiration, and encouragement I have received from you. I found myself saying “Preston Bailey said…” a couple of times, and my husband (“who’s this Preston”) decided to check you out and now also reads your blog as it is relevant for anyone with a sucessful business! You give wonderful advice and are truly generous – thank you!

  • Beth P

    Hi – I briefly ran my own event planning company and have been reading your blog for a while. I came across your blog as I was researching for my company but have been hearing about your work for years. Thanks for the practical insights!

  • http://Facebook Barbara Ramoutar

    I really do enjoy your blog..and all the info, you share,like friends,and help us struggling Designers,,and all the personal stuff
    about your self,,,YOU are great person,,Jesus Bless you more and more,,,,and all the other stuff you share ,,foods Raw and all,,started it for me,,Thanks.

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    Hi Preston. Love your work, ideas and writings. I follow you on FB and twitter. My company (Exotica) and yours were once close to collaborating for an event here in the UAE, and we met with someone from your people, I think Donna was her name. I hope that you will keep Exotica in mind for anytime you have an event/design project in the UAE. Just incase you want to find out more, is our corporate website. Happy blogging, tweeting, and facebooking, your words are as elegant as your designs,,,, Serene

  • Kellie @ Hand in Hand Bridal

    Hello Preston,

    I’ve spent today thinking of you because I finally got the nerve to do some self-promotion. I know I’m god but tooting my own horn didn’t seem like the right thing to do… but your encouragement made the difference. I contacted all of the local news outlets today with story concepts. I would be interested in a blog post about following up with your initial media contacts.

    I do also blog. The blog is called Planny Pants…

    Thanks for taking your time to share your words of wisdom. I look forward to meeting you one of these days at an ABC event.

    Have a wonderful Monday!

  • joana tomova
  • Savannah Sturm

    Anne Marie Foy, owner and lead designer of The French Bouquet (and Petite Fleur) and I, Savannah Sturm, her social media manager, love your work, your tips and your blog! Your helpful tips and hints are always so diverse and just what designers need, and this post about comments and seeking self promotion is extremely inspiring!

    The French Bouquet has recently been featured in the recent edition of Bridal Guide magazine, as well as our local magazines, Tulsa People Weddings and Brides of Oklahoma, and it is always so exciting to see your own work in print. The face time and clients that result in this kind of publicity is always extremely beneficial and you’re right, getting your name out there, is very important. It can definitely take some time and working up the nerve to seek left and right isn’t always easy, but in the end the result is well worth it!

    Last Fall we really kicked off our blog, and from this we’ve received a great deal of compliments, comments and clients. A blog also serves as a great way to show your current clients your work so as to inspire them as you help them plan their own wedding or event. Whether as an advertising tool, a way to inspire your current brides and clients, or as a creative outlet to share with the world your ideas and latest creations, blogging has really made a difference for us.

    We would love for you to visit our blog some time and maybe drop a comment or email! Your work is so very inspiring and we thank you for sharing. Keep up the brilliant work!

    All the Best,
    Your Fans at The French Bouquet and Petite Fleur

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  • Kindle

    @ Erwin, because he can, so suck it! ^_^ (I can be a social deviant). yes I love comments too! Presti was on a “Preston” kick in the fall of last year so bad my son made me stop talking about you… Sorry i haven’t been by to visit, but I love that you blog on FB. It is how I catch up. Great idea! Thanks


  • hhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    nne Marie Foy, owner and lead designer of The French Bouquet (and Petite Fleur) and I, Savannah Sturm, her social media manager, love your work, your tips and your blog! Your helpful tips and hints are always so diverse and just what designers need, and this post about comments and seeking self promotion is extremely inspiring!

    The French Bouquet has recently been featured in the recent edition of Bridal Guide magazine, as well as our local magazines, Tulsa People Weddings and Brides of Oklahoma, and it is always so exciting to see your own work in print. The face time and clients that result in this kind of publicity is always extremely beneficial and you’re right, getting your name out there, is very important. It can definitely take some time a

  • pppppp

    Hello Preston,

    I’ve spent today thinking of you because I finally got the nerve to do some self-promotion. I know I’m god but tooting my own horn didn’t seem like the right thing to do… but your encouragement made the difference. I contacted all of the local news outlets today with story concepts. I would be interested in a blog post about following up with your initial media contacts.

    I do also blog. The blog is called Planny Pants…

    Thanks for taking your time to share your words of wisdom. I look forward to meeting you one of these days at an ABC event.

    Have a wonderful Monday!

  • yvonne nyambi (Kelly Weddings & Decor)

    Hi Preston…you inspire us alot…we have been planning and decorating special events for the past 15yrs on a small scale, with my husband’s recent lay off from his job for 15yrs as IT consultant, we want to take this business to another level. Any advise or tips on getting exposure will be greatly appreciated. Again thanks for your help.

  • Elena

    Preston, you are the role model for me professionally, therefore your blog is the most is one of the most helpful tools I have to keep going forward. I came across your books first, was completely captured by the style and level of imagination, than I checked out your site, and there I signed up for the blog.

    Our blog:

    We try to post there the information that may inspire us: fashion objects, restaraunts with unusual theme or decor, books, articles, quotes, images, etc.

    Thank you for your wise words on your blog!

  • http://YOURWEBSITE meliana ~ blubells flower

    Thanks for the advice Preston!…
    I’m thinking to start blogging soon..
    Please take a look on my facebook.. and give your comment or testimonial please..:)!/profile.php?id=100000616236538

    Looking forward to hear from you..:)

  • 蛙鏡

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  • Larisa Donciu

    Hello Preston!
    I even cannot dare to comment on the blog of my idol being such a small small…
    In a mostly unknown country where it is so hard to be somebody but, thanks to God, not impossible, I’m truying to express myself with limited financial resources and getting involved myself totally in an event.
    Thank you for teaching us so many great things as we don’t have here from whom to learn.

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Party Chica!

    Love This Blog!! Keep It Up!

  • Jonathan bates

    Always learning when I visit your blog! Thanks Preston.

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Alabashe

    I just found your page and i must say i’m really learning a lot. I’m just starting out in the event planning business. My blog is at Kindly leave a comment. It’ll be nice to know whet your thots are.

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Celine

    Hi preston!

    I accidentally came across your site, and ever since it has opened my eyes to another side of designing, let me just say your words and works have inspired me to do better. There is really no limit to anyones imagination.

  • http://YOURWEBSITE effective online forex

    I have some wonderful wisdom.

  • Maria Bochkareva

    Dear Preston! Thank you for the possibility to say a BIG THANKS to YOU! :)

    I am the biggest fan of your art from all Russia :)

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    Dear Mr. Bailey
    I am not part from you business niche, but i can’t say NO to thing that brighten my day!
    Yes, you do bring light, with beautiful and positive comments, and advices applicable not only for vendor design business, but almost to every aspect of our life.
    Yes, I’ve learned not just to listen, but to hear what the other people says.
    You are bringing this questions that make me think and inspire to research and develop myself

    So BIG THANK YOU for bringing refined touch and a pinch of wisdom to my life.
    Hopefully soon I will return the favour.

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    Im Fida from Shah Alam, Malaysia. I started being a makeup artist and my customers started to ask for things that are related to weddings; catering, decoration, diaz, dresses, venues, invitation cards, favors etc.. and later i found myself as wedding planner and i like it! I set up my own company ‘REDfIDA Events’. Along d way, a friend of mine introduced me to ‘Preston Bailey’ and he has all 3 books of yours and showed me! I was so amazed and slowly looking for this person in internet and finally im so happy to found him here in facebook! I enjoy reading his writings, tips and comments other than viewing his work! Fabulous! Now, i looking forward to join his Institute! Thank you for having me.

  • Sandra

    I have a baking blog at A veteran foodie blogger once said, “comments are like drugs to bloggers!” Boy was he speaking the truth, once you get that first hit you keep coming back for more. The challenge is to stay true to yourself while blogging and still pull your readers and their comments in.Sometimes that’s a very fine line.

  • Vanessa Alce

    I learned the importance of comments and how to get them from reading your previous blog entries. I really like how you engage your audience :)

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