To Do: Enjoy Your Work Like Play

Theo PerformingI am in awe when folks take their childhood love and make it into a business. Within my group of associates, I have what I call “my brilliant nerd squad.”

I am constantly surprised by their vast knowledge of the Internet. What they all have in common is that since they were kids, the Internet has always been their thing.

As a kid, I had a fascination for colors. I remember often playing a mental game while walking on the street or into any store. I loved guessing what colors could work together.

I still play this game subconsciously, even today. This lifelong game has helped me tremendously in my work. There is nothing I love more than taking risks with color in the event business.

In this week’s To Do list, let’s do an exploration of our past: List at least three hobbies or games you liked while growing up and see how they affect your life or work today.

Let me go first:

  • Color game. I love using bold colors in my work–it’s a lifelong mind game.
  • Playing the piano. I still love music, and as luck would have it my life partner Theo Bleckmann is an accomplished singer and musician.
  • Track and field in school. At 61 years old, my best way to keep centered is by working out. (I just finished a triathlon last week and I’m still sore.) This lifelong practice has been a great way of handling lots of my ups and downs.

The importance of this exploration is to acknowledge the kid inside of us. This helps us look at our life and work not has something difficult, but potentially as one big game.

Were you very organized as a kid and them became a planner? What traits do you still have that started as a kid and how have they affected your present business? For all you florists, how old were you when you fell in love with the beauty of flowers? (I was 30.)

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  • Maris Buchanan

    Hello Mr. Bailey,
    I am new to your website and would like to say, “Thank you”, your site is awesome. I have been in love with colors since the age of 35, I discovered my love for flowers at the age of 42. I have much gratitude for color, the meaning of each color, the feelings you get from different colors and the incredible tool it provides for creative expression. I liken flowers to the feel of skin and the smell of love. I am so driven by this gift from the Creator and have absolute passion for creating beautiful floral arrangements and creative floral designs. I am so happy that I am finally able to pursue my dream as a floral designer full time which allows me to further explore, express and create my visions of beauty. You are such an inspiration and “The Master of Floral Design”.

  • Britt Chudleigh

    As a child I loved to create……anything. So, this is the obvious connection to my childhood. I was an artist before I could speak, with a crayon in each hand and one in my mouth. But there is another childhood inclination that helps me even more in my everyday dealings as a photographer. I always had the need as a child to make sure everyone was happy, having a good time, felt special and loved and for some reason it was always really important to me that those I loved, love themselves.

    My clients feel these same things from me every day. I want them to see the photographs I make and fall in love with themselves. I want them to feel special and loved and well taken care of so I do whatever I can to make this a reality. But it isn’t a forced effort. It comes from a genuine place in my heart and they feel that.

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Kisha

    I’ve always loved to enjoy food and bring something to the welcome table at gatherings. The earliest instance I can recall was when I was very young and I packed up my EZ bake oven, hopped on my bicycle and went to a friend’s house and made little cakes for everyone. I come from a family who understood that the right mix of food, drinks and music is a recipe for a great time when people got together. My grandmothers were seasoned veterans in the kitchen and I’ve always loved sampling, selecting and sharing new dishes & drinks with others. I also love bright, bold colors and textures in fabrics. While other teens took choir, band and woodshop in school, I took home economics (cooking and sewing) for three years. Today, I’m studying event design and turning those things I really enjoy into my work. Yay for me!

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Maureena Mark

    Mr Bailey I’m a 6th grade math teacher who admires your work greatly. I want to teach students about the math involved in event planning. I want to create a 4 or 6 week project which ends with students designing an event and producing a replica of the space. I want students to be able to describe your process as well as their own. I need your help in revealing the math

  • Ashley Greer

    1) Barbies creating fashion outfits and interiors 2) Playing outside collecting acorns and making jugs of beauty berry juice that smelledl awful after a few days 3) painting and drawing. I fell in love with garden roses when my grandmother would hand me tinfoil bouquets and my father would not let me cut anything from his yard. Given freedom, as a college student I started skipping class to wander the Pomona organic garden, clip from the Scripps rose garden, and pluck from the Pitzer citrus groves. Best education a florist could ever have.