Holiday Art Installation in Hong Kong

This week, I was in Hong Kong for the third time doing a public installation for the Landmark. I love creating these sculptures.

Most events are just a one day occasion that appear and disappear like a mirage for a limited amount of guests, but with these public sculptures, many folks can view my work for more than one day.

The theme this year was: “Beside any great man, there is always a great woman,” and we created our own giant versions of Mr. and Mrs. Santa. The tricky part was getting the make-up for Mrs. Santa just right. For that, we commissioned a make-up artist and used actual, real make-up.

I was also blown away by the incredible displays of holiday decorations in Hong Kong. In fact, it was some of the better Christmas decorations I have ever seen.

What city or town have you seen the most original holiday decorations? Is it your town? As much as I love New York, my hometown, I think we could do a much better job.

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  • Navjot Kaur

    I like the Mr. & Mrs. Santa in Hong kong. Chicago downtown decor is one of the best I have seen so far. You end up spending more monies during holidays as result of lifting the spirits high and bringing in hope for the future. Thanks for sharing.

  • Anonymous

    Okay- that is just SUPER AWESOME. My favorite part is the way the clothes are sculpted to look like peppermint candy-very sharp! Keep doing what you do and
    Thank Greatness It’s Friday;D

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Danielle L Gilcrest

    Holiday decor is my favorite part of event design. When people come to my home they marvel at the decor I create. I love Chicago but like you, I do think my hometown could do a better job. However, some of my favorite decor comes from the department stores. I always make it a point to visit Tiffany, their windows are always magical. Before Macy’s came to town, Marshall Fields had AMAZING displays and the tree in the Walnut room was magnificent. My goal is to offer my services to some of the local business so I can help showcase Chicago as a place to come to see amazing holiday decorations.

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Danielle L Gilcrest

    By the way.. That’s is beautiful suit you’re wearing in the picture!

  • Margot Hallac

    Gorgeous! I can’t wait to see it in person next week when I’m in Hong Kong! I also had the privilege of seeing your display last year in the Landmark as well. Your pieces really elevate that sense of enchantment that comes with the holiday season. And in times like today, I think everyone needs a little extra sprinkle of Preston magic during the holidays :)

  • Rowaida |Flayhan

    I was in London visiting my kids who are studying there. I love to go at this time of year for their Christmas decorations everywhere you go. I love Selfridges window display, amazing and so inspiring!

  • Annette

    Incredible, i think New York can use your updates, would love to see that ;)

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  • Tricia

    How much FUN! The installation looks like it is a fantastic success, great job!!

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Mico Alexander

    That is too nice. Fist time seeing work like that. When are you coming to Panama, Panama?

  • TheFLowerLAdy

    I always get great inspiration from your work! Kudos!

  • Yvonne

    Thank you Preston, for coming to Hong Kong and creating such magical installations!! I can sit at Cafe Landmark all day and marvel at your work. I love love love London during Christmas time, Harrods’ windows are pretty amazing this time of the year..

  • Jubilee Lau

    Hong Kong is still my favorite place to spend the Christmas holidays. The lights and decor all around the city are amazing. I was just there in Nov but couldn’t stay long enough to see your setup this year. So disappointed but thanks for posting photos! Love the theme!!

  • Savannah (Pearls and Pages)

    BEAUTIFUL, Preston! Wow! What did you construct the bodies out of? That’s amazing. I love the Man and Woman theme. Too cute. What are the white fluffy parts of the clothes made of? These are great installations.

    Some of my favorite Christmas decor has been in Europe. They know how to do tradition over here! Germany’s Christmas markets are beautiful and fun. The decor in large shopping arenas are well-lit with live music accompanying them very often. Sony Centre in Potsdamer Platz in Berlin is alive with a month-long display of holiday beauties and activities for Advent with a beautiful, artificial “starlit” sky. Barcelona does a great outdoor decor and night-time tour of nativity scenes throughout the various churches that just glow; Christmas tunes and street musicians everywhere in the spirit…. Beautiful! Would love to visit NY some day and take a look at the HUGE tree some day!

    Great work, Preston! Love it!!

  • thelifestylemaven

    Wowzers! You never seize to amaze me! How was this masterpiece even constructed? What are they made of? I love their skates and the peppermint detail. Of course behind every good man there is a great woman, whether it be a mother, wife, sister or friend. Keep the creativity flowing through your veins Preston xoxo

  • Gary

    That really is quite something! The attention to detail from top to bottom is really impressive and an incredible inspiration even after the festive period. The large department stores make some effort but they are usually based on the very obvious themes and nothing quite like this.

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