Reminder: 10 Business Practices We Might Want To Leave in 2010

Here are 10 business and personal practices we might want to consider leaving behind in 2010.

1. Being negative. “We have been taught to believe that negative equals ‘realistic’ while being ‘positive’ equals unrealistic”. –Susan Jeffers It usually takes more energy to be negative than positive.

2. Procrastination. As I write this blog, I can think of at least 8 Ideas I had this past year that never came to life because of my procrastination. Any idea is just that until you put it into action.

3. This desperate need to be perfect. “Do not fear mistakes, there are none.” –Miles Davis.

4. Leave all the “crazy makers” in our life behind. You know the ones: the friends and family that take up way too much of your time and energy with their unnecessary drama.

5. An obsessive need for fame. If you doubt how damaging this can be, please watch one episode of Bridezilla or The Jersey Shore. Fame might just find you, with your art.

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6. Giving away your services by undercharging. This should have been number one on this list. (More on this tomorrow…)

7. Being jealous of your peers. Jealousy can be a mask for fear, of us not having enough courage to act when others do.

8. Creating unreasonable deadlines to accomplish your dreams. For instance, you’ll only get that huge first wedding when someone is actually getting married, not when you want it. So, patience plus action is the key to your dreams.

9. Leaping before you look. Yes folks, I am also guilty of this. Years ago, I thought I could execute a high-end job without any problems. Well, I was completely wrong. After all these years, I am still learning he growing pains of doing a job effectively with a limited amount of errors.

10. Last but not least, leave behind your fears.

Progress is a better goal than perfection.

This last point, I’d like to invite you to elaborate on. If you were leaving behind one business fear this year, what would it be? Mine is the fear of writing my new book. Lots of procrastination there.

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  • Kisha

    Mine is a combination of 1 & 4. I receive a lot of negative comments about my business in this tough economy. I vow to prove them wrong. While the economy is the way it is, I am focusing on growing my business, bettering my product & services so when the economy is ready to party…my balloons will be already inflated!! :)

  • marmalade

    Preston, your points are so eloquently and succinctly stated I cannot possibly elaborate on them or add to them because these are all things that I know that I’ve struggled with (and continue to struggle with some of them). I love the procrastination one. I never used to be a procrastinator then in college I became abusive of procrastination method of finishing up what needs to be done. While I have never been late and my argument is that I work well under pressure (and I do! I really do!) but it is also my enemy much more than it is my friend.

    I love your blog and share with many of my colleagues because your world view is not just design centric. All of us creative types need gentle reminders (or a swift kick in the pants!) of why we are successful at what we do. Thank you!

  • http://www.amicievents.comYOURWEBSITE Luisa selman

    This hits so close to home that you have no idea Preston! The evil FEAR has been filling my head with doubts and thoughts that I will never get my dream business up and running right. I need to remember always to live for the moment and enjoy the ride where it takes me. I know God it’s in control even if it means finding a job with an event company so I can still get to do what I love to do! Thanks for your inspirations!! They fill my heart with Joy.

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  • http://YOURWEBSITE kenzo


  • http://www.lesfleurskenzo kenzo

    I have expanded in times of diversity and strife. I know i have a good thing going here and we are open only one month. I will conquer and my ideas will bloom. No fear is mine! So I leave it behind, Fear!

  • http://YOURWEBSITE The Urban Gypsy

    It would be the fear of copycats. I’ve had copying done to me several times. It angers and frustrates me.

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Michelle

    Mr. Preston Bailey as always your messages are timely!! #3 and #8 hit me at my core: I am learning to embrace the flow and realize that in the end everything works out as long as I am prepared and manage what is in my control.
    Preston, thank you and I look forward reading more on #6.

  • Nishaka

    Hi Preston,
    #6 is definitely my number 1. 2011 is a new year and no more undercharging for sure. Thanks again. This is confirmation for me going into the new year!!!


  • Tanza Perry-Cooper

    #6 hit home for me. I find myself constantly undercharging – “just to get that client” But, I have vowed that 2011 will be different. I am worth more and believe if i continue to think and say that – the clients that I am targeting will come.

    #3 – I have a need for perfection. Hmmm….is that ALL bad? LOL! I spent numerous nights pulling an all-nighter trying to perfect my blog – still not where I won’t it but I have a need for things to be perfect. I also tend to reflect that in my events.

  • Corrine O’Neill @ Buds and Blooms

    Good reminders, I have been guilty of all of them; but am leaving all 10 things behind in January!

    Also, I am leaving behind my fear that my designs are constricted by the small-ish, conservative, city that I live in (for now). I sell ONLINE for goodness sake!

    I am also leaving behind the fear that the lines I really want to be creating are too dramatic. I know there are people who pay $1,500 for heavily embellished veils… so I know there are brides who will be interested in my products; I just have to FIND them.

    I keep seeing the same look on all the wedding blogs because a single designer pretty much dominates the industry right now. That designer has a very simple asthetic. Instead of being discouraged I’m choosing to see that as meaning there is plenty of room for me to make my mark. THIS girl loves her bling and lots of colour! I know I’m not the only one!

  • Yvonne

    Scary how many of the above I am guilty of. And really want to know about no. 9. As for fear, I have so many… from not being able to start the business I want, to having start one but it doesn’t take off, to people not as excited about my designs as I am etc etc etc. But as Christmas is round the corner and Christmas reminds me of hope and miracles, I am determined to start my business in 2011. PS. Soo SOOOO excited to hear you have an idea for another book, you must make it happen!!

  • The Caketress

    Well put as always! Thanks.

  • Deidre Miller

    I’m banishing procrastination and media distractions and giving up measuring myself against others. All three have caused me to freeze. Another brilliant post, Mr. Bailey.

  • http://YOURWEBSITE The Urban Gypsy

    My biggest fear in this business is copycats. It has happened to me several times already and it makes me not want to expose mu designs.

  • Anne-Marie

    Great post Preston, I would add for myself, take better notes and not neglect little details that end up having to be dealt with at the last minute. I am never quite satisfied with the way I handle it and it somehow spoils the experience…even if the event looks fabulous at the end of the day. I know I could have done better.

  • Nazzib Samad

    the fear of losing potential customers because a lot of competitors in my area are copying my designs and giving much lower price than me. Even though I know that I charged accordingly to make some profit but their acts can destroy the industry in my area.

    And I have questions: due to the circumstances, should I charge lower than I should to beat the competition or should I just create new designs and charge a bit higher to make some profit? My instinct strongly wants to do the later, but what’s your advice?

  • Crystal Adair-Benning

    I want to remember that the business is only as good as I am. Health comes first.

    I also would like to refocus myself in. Stop worrying about others around me and produce the very best weddings I am capable of because I am amazing.

  • thelifestylemaven

    I am going to take heed to this. I absolutely enjoy reading your blog everyday. Great advice! Thanks for being an INSPIRATION!

  • Savannah (Pearls and Pages)

    Ooooo, like the leaving the fear behind. :) I’ll have to second you on that, Preston. My fear is my book. I have an idea journal that I keep and jot when something comes to me that just may find its way into my first novel. Actually sitting down and committing to writing that first book is where the procrastination and fear step in.

    Procrastinating because I have so many other things to do (in reality, this will always be the case, so I just need to get over it). And fear because I don’t take criticism well. Constructively, yes, but in general, not so much. I know you can please some of the people some of the time, but never all of the people all of the time. And not even all people some of the time! I know I’ll come across people who do not like my work or have unpleasant things to say, but I need to accept that and not focus on it. Learn from constructive criticism, and plow through the negative. Keeping a chin up– that’s not easy to do. :)

    Merry Christmas & Holiday Season!
    Pearls & Pages

  • Cindy Marks

    Yes, indeed, I leap before I look too many times. My biggest fear – failure. Related to your Perfection item, I’d say. I’ve spent a lifetime worried about making mistakes and not being taken seriously.

    New to your blog and really enjoyed. Great post.

  • brandy

    I am in a similar situation with the book bit, very nervous as to how that’s going to work out once they really have my start on the “hard” parts! 2011 is going to be interesting! I have to write a bunch of words for the book, design a bunch of cloths, and take 180 photographs. Color me overwhelmed! I’ll need lots of help I think, I better be brave and ask for it!

  • http://planmyperfectpromcom Alyssa Anderson

    In regards to #3 (the desperate need to be perfect) – that was the hardest thing I’ve had to learn! I heard a few quotes from Alex Mandossian that were similar in mindset…

    “Sloppy success is better than perfect mediocrity” (granted, sloppy in event design isn’t the aim here…)

    “It is better to be prolific than perfect”

    That, and a combo of #10 (Act in spite of fear, act in spite of anything) have been the best things I’ve learned from 2010 and will definitely leave behind!