Common Mistakes: Hiding Our Light

Mr. Nelson Mandela made a great remark by saying, “We do no one any favors by hiding our lights and pretending to be smaller than we are.”

Let’s all acknowledge that creativity is very much a part of our god given nature.

And, following up on Mr. Mandela’s wonderful quote, I’d love to hear about those fears that keep you from “shining your creative light” on us.

How have you been allowing yourself to pretend to be smaller than you are?

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  • kyoko tago

    Sometimes it’s the fear of losing, the fear of change, the fear of trying… But we MUST go on and overcome all that, right? that’s what makes life worth living!! I absolutely loved Mr. Mandela’s quote, thank you very much for sharing… WE LOVE PRESTON and we’re abosolutely looking forward to see him in Mexico in March!!

  • Corrine O’Neill @ Buds and Blooms

    You know what? I told myself that 2011 is going to be HUGE for Buds and Blooms and I’m making things happen! I don’t feel held back by fear of any kind or a lack of significant financial investment. I am moving forward! My designs are getting even better, my creative thinking is getting better and these in turn are fueling self-confidenc; which fuels better designs!

    Everyone starts somewhere! I have no time or space in my head for fear!

  • maryellen

    Thank you so very much for encouraging me everyday to dream!

  • Sherry

    This blog is absolutely inspirational and informative. Here is to facing my fears in 2011 and launching my event designer business. Preston you are truly a gift.

  • Von

    Thank you for letting your light shine and inspiring others to do the same!

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  • Events by Doyin

    My fair is making a mistake. I read one of your blogs where you said a centerpiece fell on a guest in your early days in the business. When i work on events, i’m always nervous about something going wrong with something i created/designed.

  • Debra Biagini

    For some strange reason I’m always fearful of being late. This doesn’t have any logic since I am always early or on time but Rome traffic is so unpredictable. It’s scary for me to think that I could ever be late for a wedding.

    Thank you Preston for helping us to talk about our fears which helps to face them.