It’s Time to Start Thinking Beyond Red Roses for Valentine’s Day

They’re beautiful but so boring. (Image via Liz West)

Ok, I understand that red roses means: love, passion, blah, blah, blah…

However, being a florist at heart, I cannot understand why, with the many choices of flowers that can literally take your breath away, most folks don’t break tradition when sending flowers to their significant other. I can hear some of you saying, “But Preston, red roses signify Valentine’s day.”

Well, I think is time to start re-thinking this. In fact, because of this notion, the price for red roses gets greatly inflated for just this one day. If you are a talented florist, I am sure you could create many other exciting choices, while thinking a bit more outside the box. (Again, this is just my humble opinion.)

What do you think? Should sending red roses on Monday for Valentine’s day be “in” or “out”? And why? Of course, it’s perfectly okay if you don’t agree with me.

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  • J. Harp

    I totally agree Preston! First, Valentine’s Day is over rated anyway. It shouldn’t just be one day that you celebrate your love, it should be almost every day! And also, getting someone something on Valentine’s Day is just too predictable and takes away the element of surprise. Red roses though are way too overdone and there are so many other gorgeous flowers out there!! Why not an arrangement of different lilies? Or even if you are just picking up something from a corner bodega (for those that forget last minute) a fun arrangement of the very colorful gerbera daisies they always seem to have? I think those daises are fun, colorful, and cheerful and you should be celebrating your happiness with the one you love, so why not make the bouquet reflect that? Just my two cents. :)

  • Melissa

    I understand how repetitive it can be to always opt for red roses on valentine’s day. However, in an ever changing fast paced society where traditions are not always prioritized anymore, keeping a little bit of tradition isnt bad. Even if it means getting red roses on Valentine’s day, every Valentine’s day, from the man that you adore the most in the world. :)

  • Ellen Prague

    Nothing wrong with red roses if you’re young and this is the first time you’ve received any …. but for the rest of us, I’d rather have yellow or pink tulips, even cyclamen (sp?), or lilacs, if that were possilble.

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  • http://YOURWEBSITE pippa

    Please god, let them be out! Can’t agree with you more about them being sooooooooooo boring, I think Valentine’s day has got to be one of the most repetitious days of the year for us florists. Last year my beloved (bless him) gave me a giant bunch of the most exquisite white waterlilies, that as you say “literally took my breath away”. I don’t know what I appreciated more, the generous gift of those beautiful flowers, or the fact that he put a bit more effort into selecting something he knew I’d love, rather than going for the generic option : )

  • Yvonne

    Agree 101%!! Fingers crossed the 1980s red roses with gypsophilia trend will never return! Even if your loved ones fancy red roses, why not get a bouquet of red garden roses instead or bi-colour ones mixed with other lovely blooms? The possibilities are endless! Also I notice because there is such a huge demand for them, apart from the inflated price, sometimes substandard red roses are being used when florists can’t get a better supply, so all the more reason to stay away from them on Vday.

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Andrea Layne

    I agree…red roses are over done for Valentine’s Day. I am putting together an arrangement from my dad to my mom. I bought red tulips, small blush roses and beautiful white gladiolas. I am so excited about putting them together for a dramatic look.

  • Nicole Goodyer

    For us in the business we can get a bit “YAwny” around red roses on Feb 14 but some clients would be offended not to receive their tradition red rose on the day. There is that stigma about red roses and baby’s breath, last year we made up huge billowing clouds of baby’s b with just a hint of red roses it worked really well.
    Another flower that seems to always get a bad rap is the carnation, is it the same in America? big “X” to all on the 14th

  • http://YOURWEBSITE henna150

    I’m a lover of multiple colors, so I’d like my rose arrangement to include pink, yellow and white along with red.

  • joana tomova

    OUT Definitely! There are soooo many beautiful flowers, even roses but in different color. And I think that it’s florists job to “promote” them. Make unique arrangements with all other flowers but red roses, and people will see that there are other options!

  • Loribeth

    Red roses should definitely be an OUT!!! I think they are the most unimaginative flower. To me they send the message that you didn’t care enough to think about what you were giving. My favorite roses are not red, but rather white roses with the palest tinge of pink in the centers. But if a man (and by that I mean my husband) really wants to impress me and show me how much he loves me with flowers, he’ll send gardenias…

  • Aleah + Nick Valley

    We started the tradition of visiting a local nursery each Valentine’s Day, rather than going with the standard gift of roses. While roses are beautiful, taking home a vibrant hibiscus or palm for our yard is special and will last much longer than roses.


    Forget the roses, a nice piece of jewelry or handbag will do just fine!!!

  • linda

    red anenomes. only.

  • Erica Goldsmith (Couture Events)

    Like the little black dress, red roses will always be the timeless choice. However, it is fun, once in a while, to have a little fun with something new and unexpected!

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Ashley

    Out! It’s such an easy scapegoat for the one you love. I would rather receive my favorite flowers instead of red roses.

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Valerie Kristoffersen

    I happen to be a big fan of red roses and love to get them at any time of year. However I really resent the huge price increase for Valentine’s Day. Given there are so many other beautiful flower choices I prefer to give and receive different flowers for Valentine’s Day. Save the red roses for when they are more reasonably priced and when they are least expected. Much more appreciated that way. But Preston I will have to disagree with you on one point. Red Roses are definitely not boring! :)

  • TJ

    Preston I love you and not just because it’s Valentines day. I love that you think out of the box and I agree with you whole heartedly!!! Here in South Africa I’m also trying to get clients to be different and think differently, so much so that I have decided that I will no longer do the run of the mill arrangements. My trade mark will be to be different. Case in point: a bride emailed images of what she wanted for her wedding. Disappointingly it was what everyone has been doing for the last 3 years. I took a stand and politely and honestly told her that it was not my style and that if that was what she really wanted I could recommend several other florists who could do that for her. I then said that if she was open to new ideas I would be happy to meet with her. She was open to meet and loved my ideas! I believe that most people don’t really know what they want, but they do know what they don’t want, and that is always a good start. Vive la difference!

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Michelle

    Roses are beautiful and when you see them the first thing you think is romance and passion, but like you state Preston, there are so many options. What about: Peonies – full, delicate and sophisticated flower or Tulips-sleek and feminine; the options are endless all it takes is come imagination and willingness to go against the status quo…

  • prasana

    Hi this is prasana…………………..i love red doses

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