Why I Design Tall, Dramatic Floral Centerpieces

preston bailey tall dramatic floral centerpiecesLast week I had the pleasure of attending my friend Reem Acra’s bridal fashion show. As usual, her wedding dress designs were fantastic and innovative. My brides often complain about how uncomfortable it is to dance in their gorgeous wedding gowns, so I was thrilled when I realized that Reem had designed her latest bridal collection with comfort in mind:

At the end of the show, all of the models came back out and took off the beautiful top layers of their gowns to reveal smaller and much more comfortable dancing dresses beneath. Brilliant, Reem, brilliant!

The show got me thinking about all sorts of designs that lack comfort. In the flower business, that means, first and foremost, floral centerpieces so large they prevent guests from seeing across the table. This is the ultimate sin in our business, but I’m often guilty of it.

Why? Because, at the end of the day, I work for my clients. Some clients insist that their guests be able to see everyone at their table, but others know that guests at large round tables — especially at noisy events — hardly ever speak to the people sitting across from them. These clients prefer the drama of elaborate, over-sized floral arrangements.

I take my cues from my clients and know that it’s their decision. But more often than not I try to give clients the best of both worlds by designing a tall centerpiece with a very thin base. The results are dramatic but still allow guests to see each other.

Dear Readers, how do you feel about large floral centerpieces that block guests’ view of each other? What do most of your clients request — tall centerpieces or short ones?

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    Hello preston, i prefer dramatic centerpieces, if anyone wants to speack to someone , have to move hahahaha

  • http://www.silvercharmevents.com Liz Coopersmith

    Most of my clients prefer centerpieces that their guests can talk over or through. Like you said – tall centerpieces with a thin base. Never had any problems with those, and it always amazes me what a great florist can do.

  • http://www.fusion-events.ca ArthurK

    I think it really depends of the clients tastes and the venue they select. Large banquet halls or venues with High ceilings I like to use tall centerpieces. I do have a lot of clients requesting shorter centerpieces these days though. I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer.

  • http://www.savvyorchid.com Trenard Laurentis

    Personally, I love tall, dramatic centerpieces. However, I haven’t the luxury of having them for any of my events. ALL of my clients want the lower, less dramatic pieces that are simple and elegant. They all turn out great BUT I can’t wait to place of those tall, glamourous pieces of my tables! :-)

    People will figure out a way to talk to each other! It’s rude to talk across the table anyway. JUST JOKING :-)

    Trenard Laurentis

  • http://www.thehousewifewannabe.com Barbara

    I had the tall, full, dramatic centerpieces for our wedding. I LOVED them and don’t regret my decision. Our guests were only seated while dinner was being served, and during dinner you tend to socialize with those next to you, not across from you, to prevent having to speak too loud, which is rude.

    For the remainder of the party they were all up dancing and socializing in the lounge areas. Great times!

    BTW, your centerpieces were my inspiration!!


  • http://www.grandillusionsweddings.com Heather Chesnet

    I love the tall, dramatic centerpieces, but prefer them to have thin base just so you can see and speak around them. I honestly don’t think that the problem is not being able to talk to people across the table as much as that is a visual barrier. But in the end it is all about the clients preference.

  • http://www.silverleafevent.com Navjot Kaur

    I find something new each time I look at your tall yet dramatic designs. You really make a statement through your design concepts with tons of detail. I think dramatic centerpieces are always eye catching especially when they are tall. From my experience, If I use thick tall glass vases then always like to add amusement for drama and elegance. Something that help the guest keep the visual connection strong and impact the long term memory.

  • http://www.infiniteblissevents.com Keisha Scott

    Absolutely gorgeous Preston!! Can’t wait to see you in NC on the 23rd!!!!

  • http://www.eventuresinc.net julia Hewitt

    These centerpieces are amazing! LOVE THEM!

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Bridget

    Where is this? The view is beautiful, as well as the decorations!