What Is The Piece Of “Big Day” Advice You Tell Your Clients?

Preston Bailey Reem Acra

Dear Readers,

I am blogging in-between filming for my upcoming television show special and running to the tailor to meet my husband-to-be.

It’s a hectic and beautiful time and I am doing my best to cherish every moment. Yesterday, Theo and I went to City Hall where we got our marriage license!  I asked those of you who follow me on Twitter and Facebook to share your best marriage advice (the comments were overwhelming and beautiful) and today, I thought it might be fun to ask all of you planners and vendors to share your best “Day Of The Wedding Advice” for our other brides and grooms out there.

What are three things you would tell me and Theo to think about on the big day?

I wish you all a wonderful (and warm) weekend!


To see behind-the-scenes footage of the big day on Facebook, click here.


(Photo: With Reem)

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  • http://mintahoe.com Julie T

    Preston and Theo,

    On the BIG DAY (Congratulations! waiting for Minnesota to follow suit…):

    1. Sit down, take a deep breath, and look around you. These are the people who love you, and want your marriage to succeed. APPRECIATE that for a moment.

    2. Think about why you fell in LOVE in the first place. This is why you’re here – not to throw a great party and impress all your friends.

    3. ENJOY. Consciously enjoy what’s going on. Don’t worry about the caterer, the florist, the band, the hotel – they’ll all take care of themselves.

  • http://www.akikofloral.com Jennifer

    Julie T,

    That was PERFECT!

  • http://www.eventuresinc.net julia Hewitt

    I agree with Julie and would like to add that your guests see your day through your eyes so if you are in joy and experiencing the love and excitement of your wedding day than your guests will follow suit. I know it is hard to not look all the little details and possibly see the flaws- but on this one day look at what is right. Only see the beauty and the joy. If you are happy your guests will feel it and do their job which is to celebrate your union. You don’t get a do over so just look at what is right in all aspects of this day and in whatever comes your way. Good luck and Mazal Tov!

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Marlene

    1. This is YOUR day! The moment you have waited for in your heart and soul.
    2. Take time to STOP and look around take it all in ! (this moment will play back like a movie in your mind )
    3. Have Fun !!!

  • http://www.SensiblyChicWeddings.com Nicole E. Lloyd

    Congratulations! I’m a newlywed (and a planner), and I’d love to share my advice with you –

    1) Don’t think! Your vendors already know the drill, so try your best to not think about what they’re doing.
    2) Today is YOUR day, period. Everyone you know already knows this, and the strangers you happen to meet will know it to. Enjoy the attention and never apologize for being a little selfish for a day.
    3) After you’re dressed, steal away a few minutes to stare in the mirror, and accept the fact that yes, this is really happening.

  • http://twitter.com/Theolotus Theo Ramone

    Enjoy the day. Try not to micromanage your team. They are awesome.

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Sandra

    The advice I would give you and Theo is to enjoy this moment it only happen once.You have waited a life time for this day. Enjoy it, embrace, and stay calm. Let your vendors capture this momemnt for you. They are the best let them do their job. Sit back reflect and enjoy your day. Yes the count down is on. Thanks again for letting us share it with you. I wish you all the best

  • http://www.valleyweddingpages.com Leticia

    I purposely put myself in that zone, that soon this magical day would be over, so I made sure that I gave him all my attention that day and not get caught up in the details, I allowed my talented vendors to do there magic! I did NOT want to forget that this was about him and I……My memories are now beautiful because I created my own Cinderella story for that Special day of MY life!

  • http://Www.sagedesigns.ca Sophie, Sage Designs

    What a beautiful question to put out there, Preston! I’m sure you’ve heard it all before and indeed you’ve probably passed the same advice along to your own clients. So I doubt that I would have anything new to add. My wish for you is that you get to immerse yourself completely in the experience; that you get to be “Preston Bailey, groom, newlywed, husband…” and that you resist any urges to be “Preston Bailey, event planner & designer”. I hope you find love, beauty, and magic in your day. And I can’t wait to see pictures!!! Xoxo ~ Sophie

  • http://YOURWEBSITE Gloria

    It’s the day you join your life to Theo’s. Take the time to remember that.

  • http://www.inwater.ie Emma mc. hale

    Stop and breath in, be in the now as much as u can all day. This is not a day to impress ppl/clients his is just your Day!!

  • http://www.wedditalia.eu Annette, Wedditalia (Weddings in Italy)

    1. Relax and enjoy!

    2. Nothing is going to go wrong. But should anything happen, don’t bother. You’ve got a fabulous team to take care of everything.

    3. You are marrying the man of your dreams. This is all that matters.

    Wishing you all possible happiness and joy in your life. Congratulations, Preston and Theo!